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Official site. Maps and information about government officials, services, facilities, citizen participation, courts, laws and regulations, zoning, salmon management ... Commissioner for Equal Opportunity WA. Discrimination, sexual harassment, racial harassment and victimisation in specific areas of public life are covered by the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (the Act). The Equal Opportunity Commission works throughout Western Australia to promote the Act and conciliate discrimination and harassment complaints. Note: A fee is payable to the Magistrates Court when lodging this application, for more information contact the Magistrates Court in the district that you reside in. 3. Once accepted and stamped by the court, give a copy of the application and affidavit to TMR as soon as possible, but at least seven days before the court hearing date.

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Dec 11, 2017 · I was asked to talk to my colleagues at the Victorian Bar recently in relation to costs recovery in pro bono cases. It is now more certain that costs may be recovered from the other side by victorious litigants who engage their lawyers in a greater variety of pro bono bases. May 05, 2015 · Intro to the courts and legal system. This module provides an introduction to the Court system with an emphasis on the Magistrates Court. Exercises explore the functioning of courts and the stages in the legal process relevant to the client group. How to spot a legal issue with the Legal Health Check You may find these fact sheets helpful if you already know what your employment law issue is and you would like some general information. Our fact sheets are designed to help you with common employment law claims, issues you may experience in the workplace and entitlements you may be able to receive. Supreme and District Courts Criminal Directions Benchbook The links in each Benchbook entry link to a copy of the judgment on either the Supreme Court library website or, for reported cases, to the relevant subscription service.

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For all other cases, please refer to our guide on Perth District Courts and Perth Supreme Courts. Magistrates Court WA Procedures and Rules. The Magistrates Court of WA has kindly provided the public with a general guide as to the procedure of a claim and the process in the form of the flowchart below. Happy holidays! Ahpra will be closed on the public holidays this festive season (Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years Day). Apart from that, we’ll be open as usual. You may notice in the coming weeks that the Department of Justice's public website will be changing as we transition to the new whole-of-government is a seamless platform for users to access information from all government departments in an easy to use one-stop-shop. Disposal of the Bond As a tenant you have rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (the Act). This fact sheet explains the law in Western Australia about security bonds and incorporates the changes made to the Act, which came into effect on 1 July 2013. Order for Destruction of Arrest Records (Magistrate/Municipal Court) PDF: Word: SCCA223C1(a) Summary Court Expungement Process: PDF: Word: SCCA223D1: Expungement Objection Transmittal (Magistrate/Municipal Court) PDF: Word: SCCA223E: Application for Expungement Pursuant to §17-22-950(B) (Magistrate/Municipal Court) PDF: Word: SCCA224: Notice ...

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Magistrates court 1 Yes 2 No 88 DK 99 RF Distancekm 77 NA 88 DK 99 RF 100 USAID from FIN 487 at Missouri State University, Springfield Courts and Tribunals. If you have received legal or court documents, you may wish to contact us for advice on (08) 9221 7066 before reading any further.. There are many Courts and Tribunals that govern the laws of Western Australia and the Commonwealth.

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Going to the Magistrate's Court. Going to court is not necessarily expensive or difficult. This fact sheet provides information on what you need to do to be ready to make the best possible case. Going to the Magistrate's Court FACT SHEET 4 Who can certify documents or witness statutory declarations This fact sheet was prepared and issued on 20 September 2012 by Commonwealth Bank Officers Superannuation Corporation Pty Limited (‘the trustee’) (ABN 76 074 519 798,

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at ... are available from the DMIRS’s website The Magistrates Court deals with applications by the ... Private Swimming Pools and Spas fact sheet.

Affidavits that are signed using a rubber facsimile signature is not admissible in a court. [section 15] For more information on this Fact Sheet, please refer to the Justice of the Peace Handbook available on Alternatively, you may contact: Justices of the Peace Branch GPO Box F317 PERTH WA 6841 Phone: 9425 2827 We have a duty lawyer service in many courts in Western Australia. A duty lawyer can give you advice about your legal options, how to progress your case, and what you can expect to happen in court. Depending on your situation, they can appear for you in court that day, help prepare court documents, and negotiate on your behalf. Intensive Supervision Order – Fact sheet . An Intensive Supervision Order (ISO) is similar to a community-based order but is subject to more stringent conditions. A conviction is recorded against each person placed under an ISO. For each ISO, a supervision condition is mandatory. There are three other primary requirements, which a court may ... About Us. The NCJFCJ is devoted to ensure justice for every family and every child in courts throughout the country. We are one of the largest and oldest judicial membership organizations in the nation, serving an estimated 30,000 professionals in domestic relations, and the juvenile and family justice system. Trials in the District and Supreme Court can be lengthy and are generally too complex for a short discussion. For simplicity’s sake, a discussion on what happens in a Magistrates Court trial will suffice. It is important to note that there will not be a jury in any Magistrates Court trial – the Magistrate will be the judge of both fact and law.

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The witness must also be provided with travel money to get to court (sometimes called 'conduct money'). Useful documents Magistrates Court of WA. Fact Sheet 41 - Summoning a witness in a criminal case; Form 8 - Request person in custody be present to give evidence; Form 9 - Application for witness summons; Form 10 - Witness summons to give evidence General District Courts Informational Pamphlet. ... VA 20176 **If Loudoun County Government is closed due to inclement weather, the Loudoun General District Court ...

If you have a magistrates' court fine, it is important that you get advice and don't ignore it. We have a fact sheet that might be helpful. This fact sheet tells you how you can get a fine from the magistrates’ court and how to deal with it.

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Intellectual Disability Diversion Program, Perth Magistrates’ Court (WA) The Intellectual Disability Diversion Program is a court diversion program which operates in the Perth Magistrates’ Court. It offers personalised case management and support for adults with a cognitive or intellectual disability who plead guilty. Christian Porter, WA Attorney-General, on the introduction of the Cross-Border Justice Amendment Bill 2009 to the WA Parliament, 17th June 2009 1. The Issue Anangu and Yarnangu2 from the vast 350,000 square kilometre NPY Women’s Council tri-state membership area share close language, family and cultural connections (see Fact Sheet 1.) Sometimes it will be necessary to apply directly to the Court for a Family Violence Order. Application forms can be obtained from the Magistrates Court of Tasmania. As a victim of family violence, you may also receive some assistance from the Safe at Home Solicitor at Legal Aid or the Court Support and Liaison Service. Magistrates' Court General Civil Procedure Rules 2010 S.R. No. 140/2010 TABLE OF PROVISIONS Rule Page ORDER 1 1 PRELIMINARY 1 PART 1—OBJECT, AUTHORISING PROVISIONS, COMMENCEMENT AND REVOCATION 2 1.01 Title and object 2 1.02 Authorising provisions 2 1.03 Commencement 2 1.04 Revocation 2 PART 2—APPLICATION OF RULES 2

FACT SHEET 4 Who can certify documents or witness statutory declarations This fact sheet was prepared and issued on 20 September 2012 by Commonwealth Bank Officers Superannuation Corporation Pty Limited (‘the trustee’) (ABN 76 074 519 798, FACT SHEET 4 Who can certify documents or witness statutory declarations This fact sheet was prepared and issued on 20 September 2012 by Commonwealth Bank Officers Superannuation Corporation Pty Limited (‘the trustee’) (ABN 76 074 519 798, (If the other parent or non-parent custodian completes the Agreement to Join Petition or Service Accepted, or agrees to join the Petition by signing the agreement on the last page of the Petition, service of the Petition and Summons is not necessary.) To schedule a hearing, use the court's form to ...